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Mufti Day



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Year 6 is to be congratulated for providing a superb Mufti Day fete. The Year 6 teachers Miss Sharpe, Mrs Boustany and Mrs McKenzie were able to see their students admirably engage in school life. All student 'customers' displayed perfect school manners and appeared quite happy with the variety of stalls.
The event raised money to go towards a Year 6 gift of their choice to the school at the end of the year.

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Term 2, 2017

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May 19 School Banking
May 19 PSSA Netball & Soccer
May 22 Yrs 1 to 6
Dance Fever
May 23 Yrs 3 & 4 sport
May 23 5M CARES Excursion
May 23 Resilience Doughnut Workshop
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May 25 K - 2 Assembly led by 1BP & K - 2 Principal's Awards
12 June Queen's Birthday holiday
13 June Grandparents Day

Save The Dates

8th Sept & 27th Oct Kids & Dads Camp at Crosslands Reserve, Hornsby Hts




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