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ANZAC Service

Lest We Forget

Our school's ANZAC Service was held at 1:30pm Thursday 10th April in the school hall. We paid our respects to those selfless Australian servicemen and women, who paved the way for this country, we share, to be so plentiful of opportunities for all. It is also a time to remember the current servicemen and women protecting our country. The school’s commemorative service was capably led by the 226 Army Cadet Unit Normanhurst. Following the assembly we were privileged to have as guests, cadets from the 226 Australian Cadet Unit Normanhurst.  The Unit executed a Catafalque Guard Ceremony in the school grounds around our flag pole.
Thank you to Mr Johnston for organising the cadets to visit our school.
Below: Congratulations to our Captains and Prefects for conducting our ANZAC Service with such professionalism.
They worked as a team and were excellent role models for our younger students.

Big thanks to Mrs Voss for teaching the  Yr 2 to Yr 6 choir "The Little Red Poppy" which they sang so beautifully

Below: Members of the SRC for each class placed a poppy on the wreathe.
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Managing Screen Time

Books To Boost Brains

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Are They safe?

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Above: Lucy proudly wearing her great grandfather's medals.

Above: Isabella sing "In Flanders Fields" so beautifully again this year.