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Family Fun Day

 Hundreds of satisfied Normanhurst West students spent the glorious day with one of the best crowds in the history of the event. The coordination by Mrs Michele Duncan Nagy was exceptional this being over many, many months. Parents working on setup, stalls and administration duties made an invaluable contribution to the day's success. It was a sterling effort from all performers entertaining the crowd. Thank you to Mr Matt Kean MP, State Member for Hornsby and NSW Parliamentary Secretary for Communities, for being part of the day. We are extremely grateful to the many event sponsors from local businesses and organisations, especially McGrath's Hornsby for donating $6000. Thank you to the NSW Police Force, NSW Ambulance Service and NSW Rural Fire Service for volunteering your time. Special mention goes to the Blunt family who looked after the Sponge Throwing for the last time after many years facilitating the stall. The school was ready for learning on Monday due to several considerate families who cleaned up after the spectacular event.

Above: Kirsten Mueller from MGrath Hornsby Real Estate presenting a cheque for $6,000 to our school  

Cyber Safety Awareness Month

Keeping your children safe online is easy with a few simple precautions.
Click here for more information and links to helpful web sites.

Sun Safety Digital Citizenship

This spring has seen temperatures soar.  A new information pack with the latest advice on sun safety is available for schools and parents.
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We're the first generation of parents responsible for equipping our children with digital citizenship skills how to use technology safely and responsibly, and how to evaluate, manage and use the information and tools they find online.
Here are some tips to get you started: Click here

Choosing A Book For Your Child

Does Cartoon Violence Make Kids More Aggressive?

What makes a good book for young kids? Usually anything that they want to read. Resist the desire to choose only books that you read as a child.  Good books teach kids things subtly while still telling a great story.
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Lots of parents question the violence in many of today's cartoons and video games, but many of us grew up watching cartoons where violence was also a key ingredient.  What does the research indicate about exposure of our kids to violence?
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Coming up in Term 4

Assembly Calendar Term 4
Talent Quest
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Nov 21 Yrs 3 - 6 sport
Nov 24 Jellybeans music program Yrs 3-6
Nov 25 Kinder - Be Skilled Be Fit program
Nov 26 Yrs 1-6 - Be Skilled Be Fit program
Nov 27 5V led assembly - Talent Quest - Special Talents

Term 4 Calendar

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DEC Schools Calendar
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wPerforming Arts Concert
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wKindergarten 2015
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Performing Arts Concert

Available from the office.
$5 donation

A set of two DVDs containing videos and photographs from all the items in the concert.

Below: Principal, Greg McLaren



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