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Athletics Carnival
Our school's annual Athletics Carnival was held at Pennant Hills Park. Congratulations to all our competitors and to all those students, parents and teachers who helped to make it a special day


Term 3, 2015


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Term 3 Calendar

July 24 PSSA Sport
July 27 Education Week
July 28 ICAS English
July 29 K-2 Sports Pro
July 29 Concert Band at Ryde Eisteddfod
July 29 Last day for Stewart House bags
July 30 OPEN DAY
July 31 No PSSA Sport (Bye)
Aug 6 3-6 Assembly
Athletic carnival ribbons will be presented

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Kindergarten 2016
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Photo Gallery
Year 1 Excursion to Bradleys Head
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Grandparents Day
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"Baby Face" - Yrs 2-6 Choir

Grandparents Story

Principal, Mr Greg McLaren, enjoying the performances.


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Congratulations to the Junior and Senior Dance Groups for their performances at Glen Street Theatre. Not only were the students at their very best during the dance routines but their excellent behaviour at all times was noted by staff at the theatre. Well done to the teachers, Ms Noglik and Miss Keevy, for coordinating the groups.
Excursion To Bradleys Head
Students in Year1 and Year 2 enjoyed their
 excursion to Bradleys Head near Mosman, on the
 beautiful Sydney Harbour. In class they have been
 learning about Wet and Dry Environments as part
 of their HSIE Unit.
"When we got there we first met Jesse, a ranger
 who was Aboriginal. She talked about Mother
 Earth, plants and trees." "A man talked about
 taxidermy animals. There was an owl, an echidna,
 a Flying Fox and an Eastern Brown Snake."
"My favourite taxidermy animal was the fluffy and
 warm brush tail possum and the scariest one was
 the Humpback bone because it was nearly as big
 as a bus." "After recess we went on a bushwalk
 around the local environment. We looked for
 termite nests together and we found ten."

by Aiko (Year 2)

Is your child making friends at school?

Mastering Spelling

Kids who get on at school tend to be more engaged in learning. Here are some ideas on how to help your child with social skills:
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Are you checking your child's weekly spelling homework? Try talking to your child about how you spell, and what you do when you don't know how to spell a word. Here's some advice about how to help your child master spelling.
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Australian Early Development Census (AEDC)

Between May and July this year our school will be taking part in the AEDC which is nationwide census of early childhood development and helps our school and community understand how children are developing before they start school, what is being done well, and what can be improved. The AEDC is an Australian government initiative run by the Department of Education and Training.
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