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  March 17th
  National Day of Action Against Bullying and  Violence

  Our school is committed to ensuring that it remains a safe place for students to learn and teachers to teach. Bullying is a complex issue for the whole community and addressing this issue requires constant vigilance by the whole community.
 The National day of Action Against Bullying and  Violence 2015 aims to encourage parents and families to make a stand together to recognise the important role everyone plays in the drive to stop bullying and violence.
There are important  activities and resources available to support this important message. Click here to view links to appropriate websites.



Our students are learning "Coding" in the computer lab.
Click here to access links to some fabulous free coding websites.
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Resilience Doughnut

Motivating Lazy Children April School Holidays

Next term on Tuesday 23 May, NWPS will be holding a workshop run by 'The Resilience Doughnut' organisation titled 'Raising Kids that Cope: Building an optimistic mindset in children'.  The presentation will be from 7:00-8:30pm in the school hall.  Click here for more information about the Resilience Doughnut.

Children are born active. Some just learn lazybones habits and need a nudge. Find out ways to encourage your child to get up off the lounge and get a little physical.
Click here for more information

Have you got April school holidays organised yet? It's not too late to book for a Sport and Recreation Kids' Camp. Watch the video to see how much fun these children are having.
Click here for more information.

School Calendar

Opportunity Class

Sounding Out Aloud

What's on when? Stay on top of school holiday, term and state examination dates across NSW.
Click here

For Year 4 to Year 5 2018. Opportunity classes cater for highly achieving academically gifted students.
Click here for more information.
Make phonics fun by helping your child to read by sounding out their words. Find some tips to help your child gain confidence with reading. Click here
NB If you have missed any of the information sections on our front page each week they are available here.


Term 1, 2017

Wks 10 & 11 Parent/Teacher interviews.
April 5 Cross Country
Whole school
Fagan Park
April 6 Scripture Easter Service 10:30am
April 7

ANZAC Service
Whole school

Click here for the program

  Last day of Term 1

Term 2, 2017

April 24 Staff Development Day
April 25th
April 26th First day of Term 2 for students
13th June Grandparents Day


NSW Department of Education
 Schools Calendar

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